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Things To Do In Kunming

  • Enjoy The Beautiful Parks Of Kunming
  • Visit The Historic Old Town Of Kunming
  • Tour The Karst Cave Museum

Kunming Flight Tips

   Top Airlines That Fly To Kunming

Book cheap plane tickets to Kunming.  Jetsetz is an airline consolidator that specializes in cheap flights to Kunming.  As a consolidator, Jetsetz compares top airlines & travel websites to find the cheapest flights to Kunming.  Some of the top airlines that fly to Kunming are Sichuan Airlines, China Eastern, China Airlines, China Southern, Lucky Air, Korean Air, Air Canada and United Airlines to name a few.  Most of these airlines offer cheap non-stop flights to Kunming as well as direct flights to Kunming through various airports located in the United States, Canada, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan.  Jetsetz also works with international airlines that offer cheap one-way flights to Kunming.

   Kunming International Airport (KMG)

The best way to find cheap flights to Kunming is to book your flights to the Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG).  The Kunming Changshui International Airport is one of the largest airports in China and is the primary gateway to the city of Kunming. The large amount of airlines that fly to the Kunming Changshui International Airport make it the best airport to search for cheap flights to Kunming. If you are searching for cheap flights to the Kunming Changshui International Airport, please enter the airport code KMG into the arrival city search box. For more information on the Kunming Changshui International Airport, please visit the Kunming Changshui International Airport Information section below.

   Best Time To Fly To Kunming

The best time to fly to Kunming is between May – June, as the weather is pleasant, and the tourist season has not begun yet. October - December is the low season and is the best time to find cheap flights to Kunming. November is the cheapest month to fly to Kunming.  If you are planning to fly during these times, be sure to book your flight at least 60 days prior to your departure date to get the cheapest fare. Summer is the peak travel season, with the most expensive prices on flights to Kunming.

   Cheap Flights From Kunming

The Kunming Changshui International Airport’s central location makes it a great airport to find cheap flights from Kunming and China. There are numerous international airlines that offer cheap flights from the Kunming Changshui International Airport (KMG).  Most domestic flights throughout China are handled by China Eastern, China Southern and Lucky Air.  To catch your domestic flight from the Kunming International Airport, you will need to move from the International terminal to the Domestic terminal.  Depending on where you are located in the terminal, you also may need to check your bag through customs and security, so be sure to give yourself at least 2 hours to connect to your domestic flight within the airport.

   Kunming Changshui Airport Transportation

If you choose to fly into the Kunming International Airport you will need to work out your ground transportation. The Kunming International Airport is located 25 km northeast of Kunming's city center.  The best way to travel from the Kunming International Airport to the Kunming city center is to take the Kunming Airport Express Bus.  The Kunming Express Buss takes about 17 minutes to travel from the Airport to the city center, making it the most efficient way to travel from the Airport to downtown Kunming.  The public transportation system in general, is great in Kunming. You can get anywhere by the Kunming Metro, bus or taxi once you arrive in the city center.  If you are planning on traveling to other cities within Kunming, you will probably want to hire a rental car.

   Top Things To Do In Kunming

Kunming is a city of the future that is rooted firmly in it's past. This will become clear to you as you walk through the downtown area of Kunming where storefronts which date back 100 years or more sit right next to incredibly modern sky-scrapers. Our favorite attractions in the city include spending the day strolling through Green Lake Park along the waterfront area of Kunming, exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Stone Forest a magnificent Limestone Park, one the oldest and most gorgeous parks in the world, Yunnan Ethnic Village, Yuantong Temple, Black Dragon Pol. To get an authentic perspective into the local culture, spend some time walking through the local flower and bird market. In addition to these sites, there are other attractions such as the Jiquxiang Scenic Area home to the Karst Cave Museum a natural underground area bursting with colorful waterfalls, caves and stunning gorges, Taihu Lake on Xishan and Dianchi Lake, the sixth largest freshwater lake in China.