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Things To Do In South Korea

  • Enjoy Cosmopolitan Seoul
  • Visit Seoraksan National Park
  • Explore The Island Of Jeju

South Korea Flight Tips

   Top Airlines That Fly To South Korea

Book cheap flights & plane tickets to South Korea with Jetsetz.  Jetsetz is an airline ticket consolidator that specializes in cheap flights to South Korea.  As a consolidator, Jetsetz compares top airlines & travel websites to find the cheapest flights to South Korea.  Some of the top airlines that fly to South Korea are: Korean Airlines, Singapore Airways, Asiana Airlines, Eva Airways, China Airline, China Eastern, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Air Canada to name a few.  Each of these airlines offer cheap non stop flights to South Korea as well as direct flights to South Korea through various airports located in the United States, Canada, China and Singapore.

   Top Airports In South Korea

The best way to find cheap plane tickets to South Korea is to book your flights to the Seoul Incheon International Airport (ICN).  The Seoul Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea and is the primary gateway into the country. As the Seoul Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea it provides the best opportunity to find discount airfares to South Korea.  If you are search for discount flights to South Korea, the best time your flight is during the slower shoulder season of late spring and early fall.  Summer is the peak season with the most expensive prices on flights to South Korea.

   Cheap Flights From South Korea

If you plan to fly within South Korea, you will need to catch a domestic flight out of one of South Korea's main airports.  Most domestic flights throughout South Korea are handled by Korean Air.  To catch your domestic flight within South Korea, you will need to move from the international terminal to the domestic terminal.  Depending on where you are located in the terminal, you also may need to check your bag through customs and security, so be sure to give yourself at least 2 hours to connect to your domestic flight within South Korea.

   South Korea Airport Transportation  

The Seoul Incheon International Airport is located 51 km north-east of Seoul's city center.  The best way to travel from the Seoul Incheon Airport to the Seoul city center is to take the Seoul Airport AREX Line.  The Seoul AREX Line departs from the Seoul Incheon Airport to Seoul city center every 15 minutes, which makes it the most efficient way to travel from the Seoul Airport to the city of Seoul.  The journey takes about 1 hour.  In addition to the train, the Seoul Airport Shuttle Bus and taxis are also good options for travel from the Incheon airport to downtown Seoul.  The public transportation system in general, is great in Seoul.  You can get anywhere by taxi, rental car or metro once you arrive in the city center.  If you are planning on traveling to other cities within South Korea, you will probably want to hire a rental car.  You can either rent a car at the Seoul International Airport or take public transportation into the city center and rent a car at one of the rental car offices located throughout Seoul.  For cheap Seoul rental cars, please visit the Jetsetz website.

 South Korea Tourist Information 

South Korea is an amazing dichotomy of traditional and advanced.  South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a country in the region of East Asia.  As the name implies, South Korea is located on the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is a country that is completely different from its northern counterpart - North Korea.  Since the end of the Korean war, North Korea has retained a tight hold on its people and information which has led to a stagnant economy and oppressed people.  South Korea has taken the opposite route and has embraced information, growth and opportunity to become an economic powerhouse.  As a result, South Korea is leading the charge of Asian countries moving into the 21st century.   All this opportunity has fostered growth and a newfound openness to share its culture and country with the world.  A trip to South Korea will provide you with a look into an old culture that has quickly adapted and is moving rapidly into the future.  There is much to see in South Korea, from its historical temples to some of the best shopping in the world.  A trip to South Korea will allow you to develop a deeper appreciation for this countries rich cultural tapestry and its newfound sense of personal freedom, all hallmarks of any truly great journey. Whether you fly to South Korea for business or pleasure, you are sure to have a great time in this fascinating country.